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Dear colleagues!

The 20th Congress of Ukrainian Physiological Society,
with international participation, dedicated to the 95th anniversary
of the birth of Academician PG Kostyuk,
will be held in Kyiv in O.O. Bogomolets Institute of Physiology,
 National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in May 27-30, 2019

Dear colleagues

Organizing Committee of the 20th Congress of Ukrainian Physiological Society with international participation, dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the birth of Academician PG. Kostyuk invites you to participate in the work of the congress.

The scientific program of the Congress includes the following sections:

  • Molecular and Cellular Physiology
  • Systemic Neurophysiology
  • Psychophysiology
  • Physiology of Cardiovascular system
  • Physiology of Respiration and Hypoxic States
  • Physiology of Digestion
  • Physiology of Endocrine System
  • Physiology of Movements
  • Physiology of Sports
  • Physiology of Aging
  • Ecological Physiology and Effects of Extreme Factors on the Body
  • Physiology of Immune System
  • Physiology of Blood
  • Physiology of Farm Animals.
  • Clinical Physiology
  • Physiology of the nervous system
  • Physiology of muscles
  • Pathological physiology
  • Others


  1. The materials of the congress will be presented in electronic form and will be published in Fiziologichnyi Zhurnal.
    The registration fee is 400 UAH for the members of the Society,
    200 UAH for young scientists,
    600 UAH - for individuals who are not the members of the Society.
    Publication of abstracts without participation in the congress - 100 UAH.
    Scan or photocopy of payment receipt sent to:
  2. Registration fees should be sent by postal order to Luchkova Alina Yuryevna to the address:  
    Kiev 01024, ul. Bogomolets, 4, Institute of Physiology named after A. Bogomolets NAS of Ukraine, 
    or bank transfer.
    Recipient Bank - General Directorate for the City of Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast, JSC "Oschadbank"
    МФО 322669 
    Account No. 26003300608470 
    Code of the USREOU of the recipient 25835906 
    Recipient: NGO "Ukrainian Physiological Society"
    In the destination indicate "Irrevocable financial assistance for implementation  statutory activities. Registration fee CUPS-2019, Name, surname,  registration number".
  3. Theses of reports should be sent in electronic form to the selected section, which you can find by link
  4. Deadline prolonged – January, 31, 2019.


The text of abstracts should be typed by the word processor Microsoft Word , Times New Roman font, font size - 12 pt, 1.5 intervals, all fields - 2 cm. The volume of the abstracts should not exceed 32 lines.

The name is typed in capital letters in bold.

Surnames and initials of authors are typed in lower case letters. The initials are put before the surname, the surname of the speaker is underlined. The institution in which the work was done and e-mail address of the speaker should be necessarily indicated. Text of theses is typed without hyphenation, without tables and drawings. The text is aligned to the width.

For information, contact to the secretariat of the comgress - Chentsova Ilona Ivanovna (

+38(044) 256 24 21


street Bohomoltsia 4
Kyiv, Ukraine